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The state of Arizona takes driving under the influence of drugs and alcohol very seriously. Unfortunately, drunk and drugged drivers cause many accidents in Arizona each year that result in devastating consequences. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, 37 percent of those fatalities involved drivers that had a blood alcohol content over the legal limit of 0.08 percent. When a person chooses to drive under the influence of alcohol, they are not only putting their lives at risk, they are also endangering everyone around them. If a drunk driver causes an accident, the accident victim may pursue legal action against them. If you have been injured in a drunk driver accident, it is essential to have an experienced attorney that will fight to hold the drunk driver accountable for their actions and help you recover the compensation you deserve. Contact Weintraub & Weintraub today to discuss your case.

Drunk Driver Liability

With all of the possible methods of getting home safely after a night of drinking, it is always shocking to hear about drunk drivers that cause serious accidents in Arizona. Unfortunately, it happens far too often. These drivers will face significant penalties of driving while intoxicated. In addition, if a drunk driver causes someone else to become injured, the victim can hold them accountable for the injuries as well.

Luckily, when it comes to drunk driving accidents, the police are able to take a chemical breath test at the scene of the accident. This is very helpful because it allows the injured party definite proof that the individual was intoxicated and ultimately caused the accident. Fulfilling the burden of proof is often a challenge in motor vehicle accident cases. Therefore, it is important to contact law enforcement when the accident happens so they can gather all the necessary information about the intoxicated driver and their blood alcohol content.

Arizona’s Dram Shop Laws

In the state of Arizona, there are laws in place called the Dram Shop Laws that exist to hold the party serving alcohol to a drunk driver accountable as well. Under the Arizona Revised Statute 4-311(D), a restaurant or bar can be held liable for serving minors or individuals who are already intoxicated if they meet the following conditions:

  • The individual who purchased alcohol also consumed it
  • The restaurant or bar sold liquor to a person who was visibly intoxicated
  • The individual’s consumption of alcohol can be tied to the injury

If you have been injured in an accident because of a drunk driver, the legal team at Weintraub & Weintraub is committed to investigating the accident to determine all possible parties who may be at fault. If an establishment is at fault, our firm will hold them accountable.

Recovering Damages

When an individual is injured in a motor vehicle accident because of another driver’s negligence, they may be able to pursue legal action. A successful personal injury claim will allow the victim to recover compensation, also known as damages, for the burdens they have faced as a result of the accident. Typically, injured parties are able to recover both non-economic and economic damages. Economic damages can include the cost of medical bills, lost wages, and other financial hardships caused by the accident. Non-economic damages can include pain and suffering, loss of consortium, and emotional distress, among other burdens that were caused by the accident.

Contact Weintraub & Weintraub

If you were the victim of a drunk driving accident, it is essential to contact a legal team that can fight on your behalf. The attorneys at Weintraub & Weintraub are committed to holding drunk drivers accountable for their actions and helping clients recover a maximum compensation award. We will explore all options to ensure you get the compensation you are entitled to. Contact Weintraub & Weintraub today for a compassionate team of attorneys.

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