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Driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol is taken very seriously in the state of Arizona. The legal age to consume and purchase alcohol is 21. When a driver aged 21 or older has a blood alcohol content that is 0.08 percent or higher, they can be charged with a DUI. That being said, a lot of people who are under the age of 21 still drink alcohol and make the unfortunate choice to get behind the wheel. Arizona’s Zero Tolerance policy may result in a DUI, even if the driver’s blood alcohol content was well under the standard 0.08 percent limit. If you have been arrested for underage drinking & driving in the Phoenix area, it is important to consult with an experienced DUI attorney who can effectively fight your charges. Contact Weintraub & Weintraub today.

Zero Tolerance Policy

If you are charged with driving under the influence at any age, you will face serious consequences. However, if you are breaking the law not once, but twice by driving under the influence of alcohol despite not being old enough to drink, the consequences become even greater. Arizona’s Zero Tolerance Policy means that even if a person under the age of 21 has a blood alcohol content of 0.01 percent, they can be charged with driving under the influence. This is because Arizona’s DUI law specifically states that it is illegal to be in physical control of a vehicle with any alcohol in one’s body.

Consequences of a First Offense Underage Drinking & Driving

Being charged with a first offense DUI when you are under the age of 21 has lasting impacts on your future. In fact, this crime is considered a misdemeanor that serious fines and jail times. The consequences for the first offense in Arizona include the following:

  • Fines and fees up to $500
  • A loss of driving privileges for up to two years
  • Court ordered community service
  • Alcohol screening, treatment, and education

A second or subsequent charge of underage drinking & driving may result in 30 days in jail, up to $500 of fees, court-ordered substance abuse screening or treatment, and community service.

It is also important to be aware that if your blood alcohol content was 0.15 percent or higher, you can be charged with extreme underage drinking & driving, which is an overwhelming conviction. Therefore, it is essential to retain the services of an attorney who can effectively fight on your behalf.

Defenses for Underage Drinking & Driving

It can be challenging to defend a client against underage drinking & driving but there are many possible defenses to be explored, some of which include:

  • Unlawful traffic stop
  • Failure to properly administer field sobriety tests
  • Failure to issue Miranda warnings

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If you have been charged with Underage drinking & driving in Phoenix, it is essential to retain an attorney who can explore all defenses and work to lessen your penalties. Weintraub & Weintraub has years of experience representing complex DUI cases and has a record of success. Contact Weintraub & Weintraub today.

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