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Property owners are required to maintain a safe premises in all ways, including making sure that there is enough security for those who enter the premise at any given time. That being said, a lot of property owners fail to ensure that the appropriate security measures are taken and people can become injured. Whether you were injured due to negligent or inadequate security in a parking lot, at a hotel, at a concert venue, or any other establishment, it is important to hold the negligent party responsible. Weintraub & Weintraub is here to help. Our firm has the skill, knowledge, and experience it takes to help you find justice after a breach of security has caused you to become injured. Contact our personal injury attorneys today for strong legal representation.

Types of Accidents Due to Inadequate Security

Today’s world often presents us with scary and unpredictable situations that we never could imagine being in. Unfortunately, danger can happen even in seemingly safe places. Any establishment that is open to the public needs to be prepared for the unexpected, including supermarkets, bars, schools, movie theaters, libraries, parking lots, hotels, among many others. As unfortunate as it is, when a property owner fails to take the appropriate security measures, serious incidents can occur. Just a few of the many security measures that a property owner may take into consideration include:

  • Installing an appropriate amount of surveillance cameras for the space that needs to be monitored
  • Consistently monitoring surveillance cameras for any behavior that may be concerning or dangerous
  • Ensuring that the establishment is guarded by well-trained security personnel
  • Ensuring that all walkways, parking lots, and other outdoor areas have enough lighting
  • Regularly checking to see whether locks are working
  • Fixing any security flaws that may develop

Fulfilling the Burden of Proof

Those who have been injured because of a lack of security at an establishment are often the subjects of long-term financial, physical, and emotional burdens. As a result, a lawsuit may be necessary to collect the compensation that is deserved. If you have been the victim of inadequate security and are considering legal action, it is important to be aware of the burden of proof that Arizona requires. When trying to prove that you were injured as a result of another party’s negligence, it is important to be sure that you have:

  • A police report if there was criminal activity
  • A witness statement or contact information for any witnesses, if available
  • Pictures of the conditions that were unsafe, if applicable
  • Video footage from a security camera at the establishment

Be sure to file your lawsuit within two years of the date of the incident, in accordance with Arizona’s statute of limitations.

Contact our Phoenix Inadequate Security Attorneys

If you have been injured as a result of negligent or inadequate security, it is important to discuss your legal options with an effective attorney. Weintraub & Weintraub has served clients in the East and West Valley for decades and understands the challenges that you may be facing. We are dedicated legal professionals ready to step in and protect your rights when you are injured by negligence. For strong legal representation, contact our firm today.

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