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The public puts a great deal of trust into the companies that manufacture the products we use every day. Take a second to think about the contents of your home. Every single thing you own had to be designed, manufactured, and marketed to you in some way. The companies that make these products are responsible for ensuring that everything they sell to the public is safe for consumer use. When a product is not safe and causes a consumer to become injured, the company may be held responsible. Defective products can cause serious injuries and even death. It is important to determine what went wrong in creating the product when trying to determine exactly who is liable. The public has a duty to hold companies responsible when they are negligent. If you have been injured due to a defective product in Arizona, it is important to consult with an experienced law firm. Weintraub & Weintraub is an experienced team of product liability attorneys and can assess the accident, conduct an investigation, and determine who is liable. If you need a strong legal team to fight on your behalf, contact our personal injury attorneys today.

Types of Product Liability Cases

One of the most challenging aspects of bringing a product liability case in Arizona is determining who is responsible for the product defect. This is referred to as fulfilling the burden of proof. There are three types of product liability cases, including:

Design defects: When an individual fails to consider safety as they design a product, consumers can become injured. Proving that a design was negligent often requires the plaintiff to determine a safer way to design the product that is just as practical and economically sound as the initial design.

Manufacturing defects: If the product’s design was safe but someone working in the manufacturing process deviated from the design in some way, the product can become unsafe. The plaintiff must prove that the manufacturer intentionally deviated from the initial design.

Failure to warn: Even if a product is safe and sound for its intended use, it is important that companies warn clients of any potential dangers of misusing the product. If the company failed to warn consumers, they can be held liable for any injuries.

Steps to Take After Being Injured

When an individual is injured by a defective product, they often want to get rid of it. However, the product itself is very important to hold onto because it serves as the best piece of evidence. With the help of your attorney and a team of experts in the product’s field, it will be possible to assess the product and determine exactly what the issue was. If the issue presents itself, the team of experts can determine whether this is an issue that is impacting many other consumers who purchased the same product. It is important to act quickly. Arizona only allows injured consumers to bring a lawsuit within 2 years from the date of the accident, in accordance with the statutes of limitations. If you fail to file a case in time, you may lose your opportunity to recover damages and hold the company responsible.

Contact our Product Liability Attorneys

If you were injured because of a defective product, retaining an experienced attorney is crucial. Weintraub & Weintraub has a dedicated team of product liability attorneys that have what it takes to hold the negligent party responsible. Contact our firm today to discuss your situation and see what we can do to help.

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