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Can I Sue my Landlord for an Injury in Arizona?

Generally, landlords in Arizona care about their tenants, and will, therefore, treat them with integrity and respect, primarily through providing them with a safe, comfortable living space. Unfortunately, certain landlords simply do not feel the need to sufficiently care for their tenants. When this happens, tenants are oftentimes harmed as a result. If you are […]

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How do I File a Product Liability Lawsuit?

Oftentimes, the phrase “you get what you pay for” is true. However, sometimes, no matter how much we spend on a product, it may not function as intended. Unfortunately, for some, this means far more than a simple waste of money. If you are someone who has been injured by a defective product, you most […]

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DUI Arrests at Their Highest Between Thanksgiving Eve and New Year’s Weekend

Thanksgiving Weekend, and particularly Thanksgiving Eve begin one of the most frequent DUI weekends in the country. Rather obviously, it is both illegal and unsafe to drink and drive, however, this does not stop everyone from doing so. If you are arrested this Thanksgiving Weekend, you must read on and reach out to our experienced […]

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