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Arizona is home to hundreds of hotels that accommodate people who are traveling throughout the state for business or pleasure. These hotels are supposed to be a safe place for patrons and visitors to stay. In fact, they have a legal obligation to ensure that their hotel meets a standard of care in order to ensure that no one will be injured on the premises. Hotel management and staff are supposed to assess the property regularly to find any potential hazards that could cause guests to become injured. If a hotel is negligent in maintaining safe premises, guests can get hurt and the hotel can be held responsible. Hotel accident victims may be entitled to compensation if they choose to bring an injury claim. When going up against a hotel, it is essential for the injured party to have an experienced legal team on their side. If you have been injured because of a hotel’s negligence, contact the hotel accident attorneys at Weintraub & Weintraub today.

Types of Hotel Accidents

Even though many people don’t associate hotels with being dangerous, it is important to be aware of the hazards that may lurk inside if the hotel staff is negligent. Some of the many hotel accident cases that our firm has experience pursuing include accidents regarding the following:

  • Sidewalks
  • Stairwells
  • Elevators
  • Escalators
  • Gym equipment
  • Parking lots
  • Unsanitary conditions
  • Inadequate security
  • Inadequate lighting

Proving Hotel Negligence

Hotels have a responsibility to ensure that their property is safe for all patrons. When they fail to remedy any issues that do arise, visitors can become seriously injured. If an injured party wishes to hold a hotel accountable for their negligence, they will be responsible for fulfilling the burden of proof. The burden of proof is simply when the plaintiff provides evidence that the hotel knew or should have reasonably known about the hazards and failed to address them, ultimately resulting in the accident. The hotel is technically innocent until proven guilty, just like anyone else is who is accused of breaking the law. An experienced legal team can help the injured party collect evidence to prove their case. Some common forms of evidence include obtaining surveillance footage, witness testimony, photos and videos from the scene of the accident, and more. It is important to preserve as much evidence as possible at the time of the accident.

Recovering Damages

In a successful personal injury case, the plaintiff is able to recover damages for the financial and nonfinancial burdens that the accident caused. This compensation can help the injured party with the expenses that they faced because of the accident, including medical bills and lost wages. The victim may also be entitled to compensation for the noneconomic burdens they faced after the accident, including pain and suffering, loss of consortium, and emotional impacts. The attorneys at Weintraub & Weintraub are here to fight on your behalf if you have become injured in a hotel accident. It is important to have a legal team on your side that will help you recover a maximum compensation award.

Contact our Hotel Accident Attorneys

When an individual is injured in a hotel accident, they may be facing serious injuries such as broken bones, lacerations, traumatic brain injury, spinal cord damage, and more. It is important to hold the hotel accountable for their failure to meet the duty of care. If you have been the victim of a hotel’s negligence, call our hotel accident attorneys today.

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