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Property owners in the state of Arizona must be aware of any hazards that exist on their premises. When a property owner fails to maintain a safe premise, someone can become seriously injured in a slip and fall accident. These accidents often result in very serious injuries, as well as burdens that include overwhelming medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering, emotional distress, and more. If you have been injured as a result of the negligence of a property owner in Arizona, it is important to consider your legal options. The slip and fall attorneys at Weintraub & Weintraub have decades of experience guiding clients through each step of the accident claims process. While you focus on recovering, we will focus on finding justice. Contact our firm today for an experienced Phoenix personal injury firm.

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Elevator Accidents: Elevators and escalators are part of our everyday lives. With that said, we typically think of them as helpful when we have to get to a high floor, not dangerous. Unfortunately, elevators and escalators are the cause of many serious accidents each year. Individuals who are injured in these types of accidents are often the victims of significant injuries that result in lifelong suffering. MORE>>

Hotel Accidents: Arizona is home to hundreds of hotels that accommodate people who are traveling throughout the state for business or pleasure. These hotels are supposed to be a safe place for patrons and visitors to stay. In fact, they have a legal obligation to ensure that their hotel meets a standard of care in order to ensure that no one will be injured on the premises. Hotel management and staff are supposed to assess the property regularly to find any potential hazards that could cause guests to become injured. MORE>>

Parking Lot Accidents: Parking lots are a part of daily life and are hardly considered dangerous because of how often we frequent them. The reality is that people become injured in parking lots all the time. Parking lot injuries often require the victim to work toward determining who the owner is in order to hold them responsible for their negligence. This can be an overwhelming task for a person to tackle as they recover from their injuries. MORE>>

Sidewalk Accidents: Walking on a sidewalk is not something that many people view as dangerous. Often, people don’t think twice about it. Sidewalks should be maintained by either the adjacent property owner or the municipality that owns them. If a property owner fails to address dangerous conditions that are present on a sidewalk, pedestrians can become seriously injured. MORE>>

Inadequate Security: Property owners are required to maintain a safe premises in all ways, including making sure that there is enough security for those who enter the premise at any given time. That being said, a lot of property owners fail to ensure that the appropriate security measures are taken and people can become injured. Whether you were injured due to inadequate security in a parking lot, at a hotel, at a concert venue, or any other establishment, it is important to hold the negligent party responsible. MORE>>

Supermarket Accidents: Going to the supermarket is hardly ever seen as a dangerous task. More often than not, it is viewed at as an annoying chore that everyone has to do on a regular basis. The reality is that supermarkets actually can be quite dangerous. Hundreds of shoppers get injured in the grocery store annually, usually due to the negligence of supermarket staff. MORE>>

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No matter where you were injured, Weintraub & Weintraub is here to help. Slip and fall accidents should be taken seriously, as they can result in life-changing consequences. For an experienced legal team who is committed to fighting for you, contact Weintraub & Weintraub today.

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