What should I know if I’ve been bitten by a dog in AZ?

What should I know if I’ve been bitten by a dog in AZ?

A dog is a wonderful addition to a family. The unconditional love of a dog can rarely be matched. There are rarely bad dogs, but there are many bad owners. Unfortunately, some owners don’t have the ability to control their dogs. When an owner lacks control, it can lead to the injuries of others. Owning a dog is not for everyone and when someone lacks the ability to train their dog or trains a dog to be aggressive, they put others at risk for dog bite injuries. If you have been attacked by a dog, tend to your medical needs. After you are sure that your needs have been met, you should collect information from the dog owner, including their name, address, and breed of dog. Collect contact information from any witnesses that might have seen the attack happen. Document where and when the injury occurred. If you have been the victim of a dog bite, the owner is ultimately responsible for your injuries. Some dogs have the capacity to tear tendons and nerves leading to lasting injuries that can affect your life for years. In some cases, a dog bite injury can impact your livelihood.

Bad dog owners can often lead to aggressive, dangerous animals. There are too many dog owners that don’t take the time to train their pet and that can lead to some serious situations. Dog owners have a legal obligation to keep dogs on a leash in public while demonstrating control at all times. In some cases, dogs are required to wear muzzles in order to protect others. Dog owners are responsible for registering the dog with the local municipality and all dogs must be up to date on shots, like rabies.

In most cases, a dog bite injury could have been avoided if the owner followed the law. In some unfortunate cases, a dog has been determined to be vicious or potentially dangerous by a court, leading to euthanasia. If a dog bites you in a public place, including parking lots and sidewalks, the owner is liable for damages that occur from the incident, with a few exceptions. A dog owner is not responsible for injuries when being attacked by another person. Furthermore, a dog owner may not be held liable for injuries if a person provokes a dog or trespasses on a property illegally. Arizona is a “strict liability” state, so a dog’s owner can be held liable even if the dog has never bitten anyone before.

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