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How to Ensure Your Boat is Safe

As the Fourth of July draws near, many of us are getting more and more excited to take our boats out on the water. Boating is a fun, relaxing Fourth of July pastime, especially when you bring your friends and family along as well. This is why before the Fourth rolls around, be sure to […]

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Consequences of an Aggravated DUI in Arizona

A DUI is a very serious offense which may always have lasting effects on both your driving and criminal record. If you are convicted of Aggravated DUI in Arizona, the penalties you may face could potentially be even more severe. In order to better understand how you can combat an Aggravated DUI, it is useful […]

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Liability in Arizona Personal Injury Cases

There are many ways an accident can happen. There are some cases in which they may be a person’s own wrongdoing. Other times, they may happen due to another individual’s negligence. There are many situations in which people are legally required to provide others with a duty of care. When a person fails to provide […]

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What To Do After a Car Accident in Arizona

Unfortunately, car accidents are a common occurrence. This makes it crucial that people understand what to do when they find themselves in these situations. Often times, the aftermath of a cat accident can cause a sense of panic. However, it is important to try and stay calm during these situations. This allows you to focus […]

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Types of Negligence in Arizona Car Accidents

It is the unfortunate reality that car accidents can happen anytime, anywhere, to anyone. All drivers have a responsibility to act safely on the road. However, we are all subject to human error and can make a mistake. It is possible for a driver to become distracted even for a moment and cause an accident […]

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Premises Liability Law in Arizona

In the state of Arizona, property owners are legally required to keep their grounds safe. This is so that when people come onto their property, they cannot become injured due to poor conditions. Unfortunately, properties are not always maintained and accidents happen as a result of this negligence. When accidents happen, people can become injured […]

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Drunk Driving Accidents in Arizona

All drivers have a responsibility to follow the rules of the road. When they do not, accidents can happen and people can become seriously injured or even die. Negligent driving behaviors put the driver as well as everyone else on the road in danger. There are several ways a person can violate the rules of […]

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